Tuesday, 17 March 2015

For the love of poetry

It's amazing.... how poetry seems to grow on you. Every time I read a piece of poetry, or the lyrics of a song, I can't help but find a new hidden meaning. 

The most surprising thing is that this might happen even when I have written it myself! Strange but true. It's as if the words flow on their own, and dance on the plain paper. The written words of the poem tell a new story every single time. That's the beauty of the written word.

I wrote the following poem a few days back. Free verse. The words don't rhyme but the thoughts do.

Write down everything
Your drifting thoughts, your worries
That one memory which makes you smile
And also the one which made you believe in life
The one which brings a tear in your eye, whenever you think of it.

 Write down, show me the part of you 
Which is untouched 
Either by love, or by hatred 
Which is pure, blank as a sheet of paper 
Hint at your true self through your writing. Write down your deep dark secrets 
In ways which only I can comprehend 
Write them as if they are not yours 
I’ll read them as if they’re mine to hold forever 
Give me solace, through your writing. 

Write down what life means to you
What you hold in your heart, your ambitions
Write it down so that it adds more meaning
To the lives of those who read it
One more clue, to solve the mystery of life, as we know it. 

Write it all down and show me
Write from the depths of your being
For when I read it, I read you
And then become one with you
For when I read on, I don’t remain me, I become you…

Dedicated to all fellow budding writers.

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