Sunday, 4 November 2012

The  ♥  Of  It  All....

Welcome to the world of the heart!

The heart of life....

The heart of love and affection, the heart of bravery and courage. The heart behind hopes and aspirations. The heart of amazing discoveries and discoverers. The heart of nature and nurture. The heart of our mother, the Mother Earth. The heart of faith and belief. The heart of sharing and storytelling. The heart of imagination and reality as well!

Dear reader, I bring to you the blog with a heart, a blog close to your !

Because at the end of the day, the heart is all that matters!

I'd share with you the stories which my heart tells, for your heart to listen...

Listen carefully, ignore if you feel it's worthless, and doesn't touch your heart. But Let me know if it manages to strike a chord somewhere.

Keep the doors of your heart open, and let the words reach in! 

Rejoice! Because today begins a journey. A journey of getting to know ourselves and our hearts better!

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