Friday, 23 November 2012

The Heartfelt Wish... (Part 3)
Khushi's realization...

She called frantically.
"The number you are trying to reach is switched off", said the female recorded voice.
It was one year since Shirish had left college, and had joined another one in the same city.
Khushi too had graduated and now pursued her Masters at another institute.

Shirish sir's leaving the college had been a shock to them all. They were all sad and happy at the same time. Happy for their favorite teacher, because he had moved to greener pastures. Yes. Shirish had shared his reason for going with them. Another gesture which endeared him even more, made the students feel more like friends.
"It's a better post, with a better pay." He explained his students on the day he had walked in with chocolates in the class. His last class.

Khushi just sat there in her corner seat. No one noticed that she did not take any of the chocolates. Neither did anyone notice her silent tears. After the college was over she rushed to buy a goodbye card for him. On which she wrote-

"To the best teacher I have ever had.
Biochemistry was never so much fun.
We'll miss you"

"But I'll miss you the most..." she said to herself.

By the time she came back, he had already left. She stood there, holding the beautiful green envelope in her hand. Disappointed.
But Khushi was made of sterner stuff. She decided that she'd give it to him whenever she meets him next and wiped her tears away. From that day onwards she carried the card every single day.
The term and also their last year in college was drawing to a close. She wondered whether she would ever see Sir.

And yes, she did see him! On the day of her Biochemistry exam. There he was standing outside the classroom. Greeting his students as they came out. She almost jumped. But he couldn't see her in the crowd and started walking away.
She literally ran after him, and finally caught up.

Panting she said, "Good afternoon Sir!"

He turned back and smiled. Life smiled at her.

She gave the card to him, as words failed her. Shirish was surprised, "What's this?"
"A card for you sir." Khushi replied. "Thanks", he said, "Remember one thing in life, whatever you do, put your heart and soul into it. Wishing you all the best!"
"We miss you sir", Khushi blurted out. "You can always call me up, or come and meet me. I am always there for you all" said he.
These words comforted her soul.

And there she was, calling him up like always. She had a presentation to give the next day. She just had to talk to him, for guidance and motivation. The very sound of his voice always comforted her in troubling doubtful moments.

"Perhaps he's out of station somewhere"
"But why didn't he tell me"
"Is everything okay"
"I hope he's fine"
So many needless thoughts sprung up in her worried mind. But to no avail.

And the presentation day came. Khushi's presentation went really well, as always. Everyone applauded her.
But still, nothing appeared to be okay without Sir. She continued trying.
And alas! He picked up in the evening finally! Trying to suppress her emotion and annoyance, she filled him in on everything about the presentation. He was happy and congratulated her. Khushi's anger and annoyance melted away after listening to his voice. After sharing some pleasantries he hanged up.

She thought to herself, "He is so adorable. What is this feeeling.. He is God for me. Don't know anything else..."
And she felt it. She felt that weird pain. That weird feeling in her heart....

"Oh no! Please no! NO!!! This is wrong!!" she thought, in a sudden rush of self-realization!
But no one could have helped it. The unimaginable, yet the inevitable, had happened!

She cried to sleep that night. Not knowing how many sleepless nights lied ahead of her...

To be continued...

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