Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Heartfelt Wish

The beginning of a new discovery...
(Fourth and final part of Khushi's story)

"You should put your heart and soul into whatever you do", said Shirish on the phone.
Khushi had called him up to discuss some problems with her project.
He went on and said, "But only if it's worth that much effort. If you are trying hard, very hard to push a wall, that's all vain! What can one gain from pushing a wall? Similarly, stop focusing on unnecessary things, stop wasting your energy on things that would not lead to anything and focus on your sole aim in life, whatever that might be."

Khushi's eyes lit up. She muttered, to herself "Sole aim in life...!"

"Yes Khushi! Each one of us has come to the world with a unique goal, a unique job. And you have to realize why you have taken birth, why you have chosen this career. The very reason for your existence. And only then would you realize your sole aim- or in easier terms your true calling in life!"

There was a long pause as these words sunk in. Khushi's mind now started seeing things more clearly. She became pensive and started to ponder upon Shirish's words. Everything suddenly started making sense! And   everything unrelated to her sole aim started looking unnecessary. An unnecessary burden which she was carrying on her shoulders.

"What happened?" said Shirish, due to the sudden silence.

"N... nothing sir! Thanks! Thanks a lot!!", she came back to her senses and found her voice!

"Well then think it over. It's time for me to doze off, okay? If you need to ask anything, you can call me anytime" said Shirish.

"Oh, no problem at all sir. Good night!" she replied. And they hung up.

Khushi sat. Sat in silence. She had now realized how stupid she had been. She had spent 5 long months. Depressed and brooding over her sudden change of emotions. Blaming herself, punishing herself for falling in love with her teacher! She had  cried every night. Had lost her sleep. Had lost her bubbly nature and joyous ways! All that remained was a doll. Who smiled back at everyone, who talked and laughed but who was totally empty on the inside...

After talking to him that day it finally dawned upon her. She now took each one of his words to heart. No use of feeling unnecessary things...
She decided, firmly, that she would focus on her sole aim and live only for fulfilling it. It would take time to forget the past, but time is the best healer, is it not!

She picked up her phone, composed a message and sent it to Shirish. The true hidden meaning of which, she knew, he would never, ever come to know...

It read...

Dear sir, you have taught me so much in life
and unknowingly.
I'd always be grateful to you!

The end... (or the beginning of a new discovery!)

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